Aluminum winch bumpers for Vans by BUCKSTOP Truckware


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Outstanding Features

  • Tough 3/8" and ¼" Aluminum construction fully welded inside and out. Steel Frame Mounts
  • Winch capacity to 16,500 lbs
  • Enclosed winch with latching access door allows full access to controls and spool
  • Compatability with the WARN Air Compressor Power Plant Winch
  • Full Grill and Headlight Protection - removable guard makes for easy servicing of radiators and headlights.  If damaged can be replaced without replacing entire bumper.
  • Built-in light mounting for two to four lights
  • OEM style two hooks and/or "D" ring shackle mounts
  • License Plate Mount
  • Rugged powdercoat finish

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Buckstop Light Weight Corrosion resistant Aluminum Bumpers

Buckstop Light Weight High Strength Aluminum Bumpers

Buckstop Aluminum Bumpers for vans


Aluminum Series Bumpers

Buckstop brute strength bumpers engineered for the most demanding conditions.
$750 Upgrade over steel.

Light Weight

In rigorous off-road conditions, every pound makes a difference. On the trail, agility is key. High approach angle and minimal weight can save hours of travel time. Weight savings of 90 lbs. compared to steel winch bumper. Total weight roughly 100 lbs. over stock bumper.

Corrosion Resistant

Trail rash is inevitable. Don't be afraid to lay this bumper into a tree or a rock. Salt environments aren't a problem either. When the the protective qualities of the powdercoat finish have been breached, aluminum is the answer to long bumper life.

High Strength

3/8" Aluminum takes all the abuse the trail can deliver. Buckstop optimizes material thickness with integral geometric structure to create excellent strength to weight characteristics. High strength hybrid construction utilizes steel in the Grill Guard Tubing and aluminum in the Base Bumper.

Superb Looks

Buckstop bumpers are known for their clean, smooth lines, soft edges, and OEM appearance. A great amount of detail has been engineered into the bumper designs.

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alumnimum heavy duty winch bumper
alumnimum heavy duty winch bumper
alumnimum heavy duty winch bumper