Turtle Expedition chooses Buckstop bumpers


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    Turtle Expedition


If you're driving from Portugal to China on a three-year expedition, who would you want leading the way? The TURTLE EXPEDITION chose BUCKSTOP. The Turtle V and its European-style Tortuga Expedition Camper is an F550 based home-on-the-road for two intrepid adventurers.

Buckstop is proud to be the bumper of choice for the TURTLE EXPEDITION. The Expedition has led Gary and Monika Wescott in 38 years of adventures that span globe: from the arid deserts of Afghanistan to the deepest jungles of the Amazon and across the frozen steppes of Siberia. Their next expedition is a three-year trans-Eurasian adventure beginning in Portugal and ending in China, following the Northern Silk Route.

No doubt an expedition of this magnitude requires the best of the best in equipment. The Turtle Expedition's back road exploration and camping trucks have often been described as "The Ultimate." It's a game called "How far off the beaten track can you get, still be comfortable when you stop, and get back again to tell the story?" The Turtle Expedition, with vast experience in all climates, road conditions, accessibility to "civilization," and entanglements with every imaginable problem. is a well-recognized benchmark in Overland Travel.

For the upcoming trans-Eurasian expedition every aspect of the vehicle has to be perfect. Over the years, the Turtle Expedition has had no less than five trucks and nine bumpers. For this trip, they will rely on the Buckstop Outback front bumper. There are many specific requirements of the bumper and Buckstop was able to take the challenge to build the ultimate Turtle Expedition bumper the sum of 38 years experience on the road around the world.

The result is a gorgeous, highly functional front-end system. ready to take on any challenge the world can throw in front of it.

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